what is xernai?

Ok, are you ready? Once you enter the story, you may never want to leave.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Here’s the short version: a number of years ago Will Swyers, a young man from Massachusetts training to be a professional actor, was contacted by a mysterious group which call themselves “Xernai“. It was clear from the beginning that they had a thing for being nebulous, and Will didn’t know what to make of the transmissions he was receiving from them in the mail, in phone calls, and in the form of hidden clues in his surroundings. At first Will assumed that one of his friends was just playing some sort of elaborate prank on him, or that he’d somehow been chosen for some sort of “alternate reality“ game. The thing is, the directives he was getting from Xernai were mostly about how he could improve in his artistic work. He noticed that they seemed to think it was of extreme importance. He was getting little frequent nudges which stoked the fire of his creative passion, and Xernai was only ever helpful to him. Little did he know but this was a recruitment process… which is what brings us to where the story is currently.

Xernai media

Xernai Media is a project devised by the Xernai Organization, with the goal of improving the world through the creation of humorous and enchanting content. Xernai brought together three people, who they refer to as - to the surprise and flattered gratitude of the three team members - the “young geniuses“ to be the founders and spokespeople who will begin to carry out this mission. Xernai gives each of its members a sort of a code name, or moniker, which they call the “alias artistiqua“ (which happens to not be real Greek, nor French, nor Latin, nor even Pig Latin for that matter).

Will Swyers is the “Benevolent Anarchist”, Ethan Ferris is the “Philosopher Entrepreneur”, and Ximena Salmeron is the “Aesthetic Architect“.


the team


Meet the Xernai team, a young group with a collection of unique abilities, assembled to bring you a vision of enchantment.

Will Swyers.jpg

WILL swyers:

a benevolent anarchist


Ethan FErris:

A philosopher entrepreneur


Ximena SalmerÓn:

An aesthetic architect