How To Get On the Right Track - What Do You Really Want? (Part 2)

Today, I want to give you some tools to discover what you are truly pursuing when you do the things you think you don’t want to do. You will also find some tools to help discover your positive goals as well, so you can not only avoid that which you want to avoid, but also pursue that which you want to pursue.

In short, this article’s purpose to hep you get the on the right track.

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How to Feel Childlike Joy Again

Adulthood is the realm of disenchantment. Look around you. Your responsibilities take up so much of your focus that there is rarely any energy left over to notice - and noticing is the key to experiencing wonder. There is a density that makes the enchanting elements of life seem unreachable.

Einstein probably never actually said this, but “there are only two ways to live your life: as though nothing is a miracle, or as though everything is a miracle. “

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How I went from paralyzed to energized: Living in a Movie! (PART 1)

Here’s the setting for what my story looked like a few years ago:

I live in Manhattan. I’m 19 years old, working most days of the week at Junior’s Cheesecake in Times Square, struggling to make rent. I’m dreaming of being an actor, but I’m totally paralyzed. I have energy and fiery passion but no clue how or where to direct them, and I seem incapable of taking any meaningful action towards what I actually want in life.

Here’s how that all changed.

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