How to Feel Childlike Joy Again

Photo by  Patrick Fore

Photo by Patrick Fore

Adulthood is the realm of disenchantment. Look around you. Your responsibilities take up so much of your focus that there is rarely any energy left over to notice - and noticing is the key to experiencing wonder. There is a density that makes the enchanting elements of life seem unreachable.

Einstein probably never actually said this, but “there are only two ways to live your life: as though nothing is a miracle, or as though everything is a miracle. “

That’s a beautiful idea, but how does one capture the inspiring conceptual atmosphere of it and translate that into a real experience in daily life?

There’s something that we all did as children that we need only recall how to do. With it, our experience of wonder and connection to the mysterious will shift tangibly. Of course, like so many useful ideas, it will seem almost too simple.

Have a favorite color.

You needn’t be preferential at the expense of all other colors, but by consciously choosing a color you like, you will begin to notice it more often during your day. “I spy with my little eye” is an enchanting game because it takes away the dry utility of the objects around us and returns everything to a state of being abstract. Abstraction helps to loosen this density’s hold on us, and allow us to dream again.

Decide what your favorite color is and begin to notice it everywhere today. It will make you feel more activated, more alive.

Enchantedly yours,

~ Will Swyers!

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