Be your own coach: Episode 1 with Aleks Welles

The first ever Re-Enchantment Podcast is with Aleks Welles, a Canadian Singer-Songwriter.

In an entertaining 22 minutes we discuss:

  • How Aleks and I met while attending acting school in New York City

  • How Aleks went from hating music as a child to becoming a musician

  • Who inspired him to start singing

  • His dedicated DIY method for improving his voice

  • His upcoming four song EP (with no filler tracks!)

  • We discuss the book “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron, and being present with your creativity

  • The balance between having a big vision and doing the day to day tasks

  • Daniel Coyle’s book “The Talent Code” and “deep practice”

  • Plus: a thrilling anecdotal story about Aleks participating in a twerking competition on his birthday. Stay tuned to find out if he won!

Podcast theme music by Ross Bugden, check out his other work on YouTube!

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Click below to download a 1-page PDF summary of lessons I learned from my conversation with Aleks, and prompts for how you could apply these lessons to your own work, and life.

Enchantedly yours,

~ Will Swyers!