Outer Space / Inner Space Shirt

Outer Space / Inner Space Shirt


Outer Space makes us dream, and the space within us can too.

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Space makes us dream.

It invokes the pure, original feeling of wonder inherent in us. Outer space is the ultimate symbol of the unknown. It is a black canvas that stretches into infinity, sprinkled with planets, stars, and the varieties of our imagination.

How far out does it reach?

What is the Earth’s place in this sea of black?

How is it possible that the moon can look so massive and close to us sometimes?

But then we can close our eyes, and experience this very same sense of the infinite depth of the unknown… and possibly u n k n o w a b l e .

When we can clear our mind of our memories and dreams, resting in this void and exploring this space within, we are present with the inconceivable vastness of our own mysteriousness.

Pure wonder.