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No TWO dayS will ever be the same

Hi, I’m Will Swyers.

Not so long ago, I was seriously struggling to get up each morning. I’d fight with my alarm, consumed by anxiety about the coming day. I knew that it would just be the same crap over and over again, and I didn’t want to face it. So I would hop on my phone and dive into a long downward spiral that could consume my whole morning and leave me to start my day as a walking cocktail of fear, anger, and guilt.

I hate to admit this now, but I was a sadass.

Me on the NYC metro in 2013

Me on the NYC metro in 2013

I was searching desperately but I was going nowhere.

 I read as many self-improvement articles and books as I could find, but that only made me feel overwhelmed. Suddenly, I had dozens of random tips and tricks that I couldn’t get myself to implement, and that piled on even more guilt when I wasn’t able to act upon them.

Every bad morning lead to a another bad day:

  • I couldn’t shake the “off” feeling all day long.

  • I did mindfulness meditations, but they only helped me minimize my stress, not transform it into productivity.

  • Some days I would go right onto YouTube or Facebook, get sucked in, and time would disappear.

  • I would always feel like today was another “groundhog day” - nothing exciting to get me focused.

  • I felt like nothing I did mattered, and that no day was important or significant. I had no day to day purpose.

  • Because nothing seemed to work, I would think to myself, “I guess I’m just like this. It’s how the rest of my life will be.”

  • It got so bad, I started to resent people who were happy in the morning, and I vowed to never be that annoying!


 I persisted, though, and through a few years of trial and error I figured out a format for delivering motivational habits and ideas to myself each morning so that the work was taken care of for me - like a gift for my future self.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to jump into a ton of difficult and unfamiliar habits on my own, so I boiled it down to just one simple action: start the audio.

If I did that, then I had taken control of my time and started a personalized GPS that would lead me to a fulfilling day.

Every day I had something to anchor me.

Every day I had a clear direction.


That sadass became this badasss.

This is from 2018 in Italy.

This is from 2018 in Italy.

I hadn’t magically become a paragon of human perfection overnight (I’m still working on it, too), but I had truly transformed from a depressed, paralyzed person into a happy and creatively energized one. This journey resulted in what I believe is a revolutionary combination of creative ideas and techniques.

If anything I’ve described in my own story resonates with you then you’ve made it to the right place. If you’ve got an itching feeling that life can be more fun and that there is a more motivated version of yourself waiting to come out and play, then you’re on the right track.

Now is your chance to embark on your own version of this fantastic journey.

 How does this program work?

Each morning you will receive a new Activate Xernai experience via email. These are less than 9 minute audio sessions that guide you through exercises designed to delight and enrich your brain with novelty. Each day provides a unique experience that you have never heard before, and will never hear again. This is achieved by combining various scientifically-backed categories of activities in new ways:

  • Guided Imagination Landscapes

  • Mystery and Discovery

  • Brain Training Visualization Exercises

  • Emotionally Engaging Music

  • State and Emotional Control

  • Rewarding Self-Assessment

  • Innovative Gratitude Sessions

  • A triumphant experience to each and every day!

Your brain thrives when it’s experiencing new stimuli, and the daily creative surprises you’ll encounter in these tapes will give your brain a workout, but it will never feel like work.

The best part is that a brain that is warmed up and better cross-communicating between hemispheres is natural going to result is more spontaneous creativity, which effortlessly leads to more productivity.

We call it an “anti-procrastination procrastination“ tool.

Add epic music, and a daily dose of feeling like you’re the main character in a dramatic story, and you’ll understand why what we offer is in a whole other category from the mindfulness meditation programs you may have tried.

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From “Groundhog Day” to Daily Adventure!

Activate Xernai adds a guaranteed mystery box to your day, a surprise which keeps you excited and curious. When we say that no two days will ever be the same, we mean it. You open the email, click on the door, and see what’s in store for you.


From Paralyzed to Energized!

All of our exercises are scientifically proven to help stimulate your brain and help you feel focused and motivated. With Activate Xernai, you’ll be leaping out of bed when you hear your alarm (no more snoozing)!

From Downward Spiral to Upward Momentum!

Being entertained is part of being creative and productive. If you don’t find joy in your day, how can you be excited about it? Activate Xernai will never become a time sucking habit because you can only access one track per day. These small time investments, of less than nine minutes, will be like paying never-ending dividends to your future self.

“This sounds really interesting, I want to try it, but I just don’t think I have the time right now…“

We all struggle with feeling there’s not enough time in the day. How is adding another thing going to help make you feel less overwhelmed? Activate Xernai is about efficiency and convenience. If your brain is working coherently, you’re thinking more quickly and creatively, making you more productive. The most recent surveys estimate that people around the globe spend an average of 135 minutes on social media per day. It’s easy to find the time to make the small investment of 9 of those minutes, especially in an activity that is guaranteed to be entertaining and make you more motivated for the other 1,440 minutes in your day.

“I’ll save this page and come back and buy it later, then!”

I ask you to imagine yourself 30 days from now, having decided not to start the program yet. You’ve spent another month waking up exactly how you usually feel, be that anxious, agitated or just wishing to just get back to sleep. That annoying feeling of have just having woken up on the “wrong side of the bed.”

Once again your morning will have escaped you and you will be caught in the “I should have been more productive” guilt spiral. This feeling will spill over into the rest of the day, leading to even less production and more guilt. Crap, another day down the tubes.

30 days from now you can be a better version of yourself, just by committing 9 minutes or less of daily creativity and brain training! I guarantee you that you’ll thank yourself for starting today, and not next month.

Listen to the first session on us:

To your future self!

As Albert Einstein may or may not have actually said “Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

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I knew that it had worked for me, but it wasn’t until I shared it with my best friend Ethan that I realized it might be able to serve others as well as it had served me. My best friend and business partner Ethan tried the idea for himself and experienced excellent results, so he encouraged me to show it to some more of my friends.

These are some things they said about it:


Go ahead and take the leap, you’ve got nothing to lose (the first session is free to try) and possibly a whole new life to gain.


If you have any questions, comments, or want to share a joke with us, contact us at whatisxernai@gmail.com